About the Book:

100 Ways to Spend Less and Save More is full of practical advice and tips to help you learn to stop spending, and start saving. Written in a conversational style, author Charity Mouck offers easy to implement suggestions for those who want to make a change.

This book literally contains 100 Ways you can impact your spending and saving.

Sandwiched in between an introduction that reveals her family’s personal relationship with money and a conclusion that will help you fit all of the suggested pieces together, Charity provides honest advice and simple instruction for how to start moving toward new financial goals.

The 100 Ways are broken down into eight categories, starting with foundational advice to help you build solid groundwork for a journey outlined throughout the other sections. You can read a very brief summary of each section on the main page of this website.

Despite sharing 100 suggestions, this book is a quick read, and designed to help you begin to make an immediate impact on your financial situation.

In the paperback version, you will find ample space in this book for your notes, allowing you to jot down any ideas you have for implementing these suggestions as you read them. Brainstorm as you read, and then return to your notes to begin making a strategy for yourself!

Resources, including printable charts and forms, are made available through Charity’s website.

About the Author:

Charity Mouck, The Coupon SnobCharity Mouck is a writer, blogger and avid coupon user. After blogging about various topics for over a decade, she now dispenses advice and education about household management and saving money on her website: www.CouponSnob.net.

Branded as The Coupon Snob, she encourages others to save money, cook at home, plan meals and learn to become better stewards of their resources.

Charity resides in Terre Haute, IN with her husband, two beautiful children, and faithful feline companion, Zeke, who makes an appearance in her first book, the Five Year Recipe Book.

In the first few pages of 100 Ways to Spend Less and Save More, Charity reveals some of how her life has changed in the past few years. She has taken her family from unconscious spending to careful financial planning in a short period of time, and the advice in this book is part of how she’s managing to make all of her family’s hard work pay off!