100 Ways to Spend Less
and Save More

Learning to curb your spending and find areas to save money is a process, and not always an easy one. I changed the course of my family’s spending in just under one year by doing most of the things in this book, and I really believe that if you commit to as many of these “100 Ways” as you can, you will see a change in your financial situation, too. Check out the descriptions below to see what the book covers, and order your copy today!

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Practical advice & tips to help you stop spending, and start saving!

Getting Started: First Things First

Whether you need a total overhaul of your financial situation, or simple adjustments to what you’ve got in place, this section will help you set up a solid foundation for future success and saving.

Break Old Habits; Create New Ones

Saving money and getting serious about reshaping your financial situation requires ditching some of your old habits and forming some new ones. This section will help you get going in the right direction.

Shopping: Take a New Approach

If you learn a new approach to shopping in general, you will also learn new ways to save money. This section will give you some ideas of how to begin thinking about shopping in a whole new way.

Groceries & Food: The Inevitable

We shop for food on an on-going basis, so we need to develop an approach that controls our spending in this area. This section identifies ways to gain control over the inevitable task of shopping for food.

Reduce Bills & Expenses at Home

Learning to be savvy about what your household costs to maintain has big benefits. This section will help you think about what you really need in your home, and where you can make some budget-saving changes.

Get Creative with Entertainment

If you're willing to make some sacrifices here, you'll make real headway toward your goals. This section will help you identify ways to get creative with your family’s entertainment, and save money at the same time.

Children: More than a Line Item

Even though children add line items for your budget, they also add joy and fulfillment for you as a parent. This section will identify small ways you can make the expense of raising children have as little impact as possible.

The Little Extras: It All Adds Up

Previous sections focus on specific areas of your life, your budget, and changes that will directly impact those areas. This section is a collection of things that add to the cumulative effect of your efforts.

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